The Pierced E-Commerce Store

Project Summary

Pierced is a brand challenging the way how people think of and purchase body piercings and jewelry. There are e-commerce experiences that cater to the body jewelry consumers, but without the proper knowledge, expertise or lots of research it can be difficult for the everyday user to find and purchase the correct jewelry. Pierced aims to address these issues and bring body jewelry consumption into the modern age.
Project Type

Creating an E-Commerce Experience for Modern Body Jewelry Consumers

The in-store process for getting a part of your body pierced is rather simple. You go in, tell the piercer where you want your piercing, select which jewelry you want and get pierced. Simple right? Yes, but not really.

When people come in to get their piercing they generally point to the area they want pierced and say “I want my piercing right here”. In this instance the consumer is probably unaware of what the name of the piercing they’ve asked for is (hence why they’re pointing). Even after being pierced they may still not know the name of the piercing they’ve received. Another thing they also are unaware of is that each different type of piercing requires a specific type of jewelry.

But, lucky for them, this is all knowledge that is possessed by the piercer or sales person. They are the ones that make the sales transaction and procedure run seamlessly.

So, a big question is how do you sell people jewelry online when they may not be aware of the names of the types of piercings they own, which types of jewelry works with their piercings and there is no piercer or sales person to help them? We solved this by creating something called the Jewelry Advisor. The Jewelry Advisor acts as a sort of advanced filter. Users select the type of piercing they want to purchase jewelry for with the aid of a labeled diagram and are then shown jewelry which works for their type of piercing.

A Unified Experience Focused on Helping Consumers Get the Right Body Jewelry

In addition to the Jewelry Advisor, we also added additional information int he form of tags to the product display pages allowing people to know which piercings each piece of jewelry could be used with.